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A Tumblr for Dramoine Fan Fiction Recommendations. I'm going to post all the ones that I absolutely love, and I will more than willingly share those that any of you suggest!

I love Dramione and want to help others enjoy them as well. My goal is to post mostly completed works. If I post one that isn't I'll put this as a warning:
[INC-RAOR] : [INCOMPLETE - READ AT OWN RISK] before the description. :]]

If there is an * after a post its because it was a submission that I have not personally read yet. Please enjoy.

One and One Is Eleven by RZZMG


Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit heterosexual sex – including snogging, petting, oral and vaginal sex; alcohol consumption; gambling; theft; bribery; profanity.
Summary: Post-Hogwarts-EWE (year: 2002). On a bet, Draco Malfoy jacks a Muggle car, but doesn’t know how to drive it. As he stalls out at an intersection in a seedier part of Muggle London, there’s a knock on his window. He looks up to see a beautiful woman offering to help him, so he makes a deal with her to drive him to the entrance to The Leaky Cauldron to meet up with his friends, Theo and Blaise, so he can collect his winnings from the gamble. But a Muggle shouldn’t be able to see the entrance to The Cauldron, right? It’s then that Draco realizes that he’s got a Muggle-born witch on his hands - one he’s incredibly attracted to. He takes her inside, to being her education of the magical world…

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